I give rooms a strong identity and a sense of soul, by bringing together exceptional products in close connection
with the space and its use. Driven by a love for detail, colour and material, I create extraordinary
spaces for gastronomy, hotels and private living. To make each of these unique I develop custom-made
products and stylings and stay close to the entire process from start to finish.



Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim, Darmstadt, Heilbronn

The MoschMosch is a Japanese-themed noodle bar. Inspired by an Izakaya (tavern), two wall concepts
were developed that could be adapted to all 12 MoschMosch restaurants throughout Germany.
Japanese posters are stuck on top of each other like an advertising column, or a Geisha peers
out from an oversized painting to invite guests from outside to come in.

MM GeishaMalerei GeishaGoehteplatz


Frankfurt am Main

The styling and decoration concept for the Frankfurt am Main based brewhouse recreated
the soul of a traditional wooden interior. Through specially designed products and a
selected range of objects, figurines, archive images and graphics, the modern brewhouse
became a unique place.

Bierkr├╝ge Brauprozess Gastraum Lampen Ball Flasche Kakteen Figuren Hirsche WandToiletten